February 1, 2019 – Penetrating Change – Take Right Action – Balance Power

February begins with an aspect of great power: MARS SQUARE PLUTO exact in the evening: [7:20 pm pst/ 8:20 pm mst/ 9:20 pm cst/ 10:20 pm est] is a place of power facing. We must face our own power state. Where might we need an upgrade or refinement. There is the opportunity for a change of heart, or state, like from water to mist.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [10:41 pm pst/ 11:41 pm mst/ 12:41 am late night cdt/ 1:41 am est] from earth to water, the end of the cycle reminds us to look to the Mother Earth for our needs.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [10:57 am pst/11:57 am mst/ 12:57 pm cst/ 1:57 pm est] is a belief system challenge. Saturn will crush us up against the glass of our own limiting beliefs–but has the power to push us to through to the other side.
. . . .
Author’s Note: if you are local in Santa Fe, please join me for the chinese new year. Monday night.
followed by animal stories then dancing animal prayers!  Happy Chinese New year of the Pig coming Monday!