January 28, 2019 – Work of the Higher Realms Down Here

MOON is in Scorpio today–the depths. At the end of the eclipse cycle–there is deep unwinding going on. This is an ending time, even though its at the “beginning of the year,” eclipses end things, and make room for new beginnings.

This last unwinding week of the eclipse lunar journey of January–will take us down to let go of a lot of the “old,” . . . to leave through our tears, our digging in the dark past, or the closet–whatever needed to be “cleaned out,” its the last week of the clean out, release, death process. We are letting go of an old world, an old era, old structures. There is a LOT to let go of right now.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [1:46 am pst/ 2:46 am mst/ 3:46 am cst/ 4:46 am est] is a structural support. As we step down into the last quarter of this lunar cycle, Saturn offers practical support from the divine intent as we unwind down.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [2:14 am pst/ 3:14 am mst/ 4:14 am cst/ 5:14 am est] is a sweet flow of divine intent, like a river. We are the receivers and little leaves floating on the divine river of life. May we be humbled by the “larger plan.”

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [2:39 pm pst/ 3:39 pm mst/ 4:39 pm cst/ 5:39 pm est] is a personal empowerment–made by the universe. Whatever our deepest hearts have desired–its being met. In the middle of a death process, as we are closing the eclipse cycle, there is power and grace. The Divine Plan is watching and underneath us.