January 27, 2019 – Last Quarter Moon

MOON in Scorpio today for LAST QUARTER MOON of the ECLIPSE cycle. This is a peaceful yet penetratingly deep unwinding of our death process. We are letting go of the old chapters. Even though its past the new year, this eclipse is a death process, so it is “killing off,” things we may not even have been aware needed to die, from within us or around us.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [9:59 am pst/ 10:59 am mst/ 11:59 am cst/ 12:59 pm est] offers moments of anxiety, changing patterns, and the need to let go, further of the old. There is anxiety in letting go of the old. In our culture death is full of negativity and fear. This last quarter moon is subject to our collective fears related to death, and change.

MOON SQUARE SUN [1:10 pm pst/ 2:10 pm mst/ 3:10 pm cst/ 4:10 est] is the point of transition down to the final week.

The next dark to New Moon crossing will be the Chinese New Year, February 3rd, and due to this January “death of the old” Eclipse–this Chinese Year of the Female Earth Pig–is right on time for the larger cycles!