January 26, 2019 – Eclipse Unwinding

The Eclipses are the most potent energetic acupuncture points of change, radical shifting and death/rebirth.  Death/Rebirth is quite a mysterious process so as we come day by day off the eclipses, we unfurl from the death, and come into the rebirthing energy.  We may be in the middle of a birth canal–so best to stay close to our heart and self-care, as we journey through our own canal.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [12:23 am pst/ 1:23 am mst/ 2:23 am cst/ 3:23 am est] invites the mysterious light of jupiter to bring grace into our lives this weekend.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [12:56 am pst/ 1:56 am mst/ 2:56 am cst/ 3:56 am est] is a charge to action. Handle with care–as Mars is a wild one right now–pure instinct, action and raw mars energy in its home sign of Aries–charging forward!

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [7:03 am pst/ 8:03 am mst/ 9:03 am cst/ 10:03 am est] is a feminine soothing of the energetic acupuncture of change. Feminine magic abounds!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO is more death/rebirthability–deep change can be uncomfortable–its an uncovering of our power, sometimes raw and learning [8:30 am pst/ 9:30 am mst/ 10:30 am cst/ 11:30 am est]

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [9:21 pm pst/ 10:21 pm mst/ 11:21 pm cst/ 12:21 pm est] for shocking radical awakenings. Uranus opens the invisible world. What have we been storing, thinking or feeling that can finally unleash, unfurl and free up?

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