January 23, 2019 – Mystery Healing, Rythm, Shifting Context

Today’s aspects: MERCURY SQUARE URANUS [3:13 am pst/ 4:13 am mst/ 5:13 am cst/ 6:13 am est] and MERCURY SEXTILE CHIRON [4:28 am pst/ 5:28 am mst/ 6:28 am cst/ 7:28 am est] initiate a mystery healing energy. Awakening and Healing (along with life, death and regeneration)–are the mysterious things of eclipses, and of energy seers, healers and women. There is mysterious healing energy in hand and pocket.

The recently eclipsed MOON is now in relationship with SATURN, NEPTUNE and JUPITER, creating a re-newal of our own rythm, timing as we reach for our authenticity, soul, and divine guidance, to move forward from the giant collective purge. (The eclipse) in the area of our inner innocent child motivations: original intents, visions and agreements related to our being here.

MERCURY enters Aquarius later today, departing Capricorn. [9:49 pm pst/ 10:49 pm mst/ 11:49 pm cst/ 12:49 am est] This shift opens all the minds from cardinal earth to fixed air. Air is elementary moving when it’s cleanest, so renewing the mental field of humanity is required to “keep it fresh.”

From research–the planet has more than half (under 30) we are getting “younger” as a whole human population. Fresh minds. May we all find ways to youthen and freshen our mind. Meditation, excersize, practices.