January 18, 2019 – Thoughts, Words & Speaking = Power

MERCURY, planet of words, thoughts and the mind, is CONJUNCT PLUTO, planet of focusing our power. This is an important day for meditations that clarify and focus the mind. If one feels “extra mental pressure today,” it is the gravity of the energy present in that “thoughts become things,” especially when the power planet and the word planet come together in the same degree of the wheel–they are congregating and manifestation is imminent, as per our thinking today.  We  are creating today–that which we think, and that which we speak.

VENUS TRINE MARS this morning sets the tone for the masculine and feminine to be allies in all that we do here on earth. It is that way, but often they battle, disagree, or have opposite perspectives–today they can come together–as co-creation is imminent and happening.

SUN SQUARE URANUS [5:30 pm pst/ 6:30 pm mst/ 7:30 pm cst/ 8:30 pm est] is the work of transforming our own ability to be in the new world of more power and magic for individuals, in focusing our own attention, intention and life force into the diversity of possibility–until it is correct for us according to our inner compass. We cannot know what this “correct” is, unless we take risks and leaps of faith toward the things that “sparkle.”

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [5:32 pm pst/ 6:32 pm mst/ 7:32 pm cst/ 8:32 pm est]  is dancing with the SUN, as the MOON and SUN prepare for powerful alchemy of change–at the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE coming on Sunday night. This is a radical shift weekend of walking boldly with our heart-light–into the unknown and unseen.

MOON enters the VOID at this aspect, between Gemini and Cancer, leading toward the sign of the Eclipse–Leo, on Sunday.