January 15, 2019 – Peacefully Rising Toward another BIG SHIFT

MOON is in Taurus TRINE SATURN [10:50 am pst/ 11:50 am mst/ 12:50 pm cst 1:50 pm est] is a home base strengthener from the ground to our core. We can be supported in these times of extremes–by our core. Our core is the center column that connects to the earth and the heavens, protected by the light of our christed heart, in the middle of it–then protected and enhanced by our abbs and our butt cheeks. By squeezing our butt-cheeks–we enhance and strengthen our core. Its a butt-cheek-squueezing kinda-day. building and focusing the core, for changing times ahead.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [1:15 pm pst/ 2:15 pm mst/ 3:15 pm cst/ 4:15 pm est] is personal water to divine water, flow, listening to the divine is easy today. Going with the flow of wisdom is easy today–its there.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [5:30 pm pst/ 6:30 pm mst/ 7:30 pm cst/ 8:30 pm est] is a sweet communications with ourselves (and with others.)