January 14, 2019 – Mind Remodeling Monday

MOON enters earthly Taurus today. [10:31 am pst/ 11:31 am mst/ 12:31 pm cst/ 1:31 pm est] putting feet to ground and remembering that we are like flowers. A little light at a time, day by day and we flower into something beautiful.

Yesterday, SATURN and MERCURY came together for a mind cathartic excersize. Constrict and loosen, constrict and loosen. The mind is doing push ups and sit ups, learning to discipline itself in these times–as we all know–our mind is the root of everything. From our mind grows thoughts, which grow beliefs, and our lives. So the constricta-changa-thought-form day yesterday–lands us in a Monday, just past the rigid mind trick.

Now the mind, MERCURY is  SEXTILE NEPTUNE opening to the rivers of life, more fluidly–once Saturn sets the form, we can be more fluid, flowing through places of yesterday’s rigid-mind excersize.  Meditation can soothe the changes going through the mind at this time.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [7:56 am pst/ 8:56 am mst/ 9:56 am cst/ 10:56 am est] shocks our system with all that is electrical, information, being processed through us. It is shocking when one takes in all of it–so focus is important in these times–Saturn’s wisdom–focus and intention, so we can navigate the rapids of the information overload of these times. This is a “waking up,” aspect, where shock, and awakening are happening. These are the times.
. . . .
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