January 6, 2019 – URANUS DIRECT, ALL PLANETS DIRECT, in an Eclipse Portal still–requires alignment for creation–death of ego

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [4:12 am pst/ 5:12 am mst/ 6:12 am cst/ 7:12 am est] furthers the experience of Death n Rebirth energy that is present at this time, with the Eclipses and the changing of era’s.

 [12:26 pm pst/ 1:26 pm mst/ 2:26 am cst/ 3:26 am est] THIS OPENS A TIME OF ALL PLANETS DIRECT!  All planets direct does support forward motion, however in “an eclipse field,” this “forward motion,” is not of the ego self. It is forward motion of the “higher self,” or the Divine Self.

The path and work of the higher self can move direct and forward now, through us, effortlessly, In divine alignment there can be “instant manifestation,” and an alignment that has us flowing through life like a surfer in something we love. There can be joy, humor and awakening in this surfing. Its time to get on the surfboard of the divine.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [7:56 pm pst/ 8:56 pm mst/ 9:56 pm cst/ 10:56 pm est] is a corner of home shift, revolution, a move, preparing for a wild future, and an unknown future that requires a leap or walk of faith, in order to follow our real path. The real path for most of us is into the unknown and revolutionary in this time.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [10:20 pm pst/ 11:20 pm mst/ 12:20 am cst/ 1:20 am est] adds creativity into everything. Creativity adds color, music, sensuality, food that is unique and tasty, and even kisses with all species. This creative gesture sends the MOON into a late night VOID, between Capricorn and Aquarius.

MOON enters Aquarius [10:46 pm pst/ 11:46 pm mst/ 12:46 pm cst/ 1:46 pm est] and a community season is arriving through wednesday the 9th. Also–Uranus’ few days of ingenuity, humor, invention and alternative thought openings. May we all open to the genius of the new world.
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