January 4, 2018 – Inspiration to build our new year – Solar Eclipse Tomorrow

MOON at the cusp TRINE URANUS [8:10 am pdt / 9:10 am mdt/ 10:10 am cdt/ 11:10 am edt] at the cusp between fire and earth : Sagittarius to Capricorn. This fire to earth boundary is a place of higher mind, inspired mind and new vision for our integration with our world. There’s one crumbling and one being built anew. (Barely visible)

In our lives at this time : one life is crumbling (our old one) and another is a tiny sprout. The more we can let go of what crumbles and look into what is fresh and new, the more we can feel fresh and not crumbling.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [9:41 am pdt/ 10:41 am mdt/ 11:41 am cdt/ 12:41 pm edt] at the cusp. These two make the crossing together today from fire to earth : our feeling awareness and our thinking awareness, moving together to bring inspiration to form. This MOON is waning before a powerful eclipse moment tomorrow morning. In a waning moon there’s a resting releasing silent fertility.

This aspect opens a little void from [9:41 am to 10:55 am pdt] in the Sagittarius to Capricorn crossing. Transiting from vision to earth structure.

SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE [11:57 am pst/ 12:57 pm mst/ 1:57 pm cst/ 2:57 pm est] is an aspect of even more inspiration. This is a dark fertile time in the lunar cycle – just before a powerful point of transfiguration. (The eclipse–tomorrow).

MOON SQUARE MARS [4:05 pm pst/ 5:05 pm mst/ 6:05 pm cst/ 7:05 pm est] provides inner work. This pre eclipse time can be bringing changes we cannot see yet. What are the pure desires we hold at this time (warmth, love, companionship, expression, community, joy, compassion, healing?) what are we longing to experience most this year. May we pour all that into the fertile openings of this transfiguration.

MERCURY enters Capricorn : [7:40 pm pst/ 8:40 pm mst/ 9:40 pm cst/ 10:40 pm est] crossing the sag to cap fire to earth transit. Our planning capacity just got more grounded! Time to bring in the foundation for this solar cycle of creation.

the SOLAR ECLIPSE tomorrow is a transition day and a dark to new moon crossing. There’s a big letting go–sigh. And a big renewal: in-breath : fresh life!

The eclipse is visible in East Asia and the Pacific–look for shifting in those areas. The eclipse is partial so a bit less forceful than a total eclipse of the sun.

This is a funny time: lots of inner movement is possible which will greatly impact our future.

URANUS is still slowing down in retrograde to go direct on Sunday. There’s powerful shifts of energy on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend as the eclipse and new moon straddle Saturday–morning to evening. (New moon in the evening), then Sunday: URANUS goes DIRECT. Changes are afoot!

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: I’m available for readings. E-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with birth time and best time for a reading. This is a time of transition and a good time to honor the endings and beginnings of our lives with attention and sacred intent.

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