December 30, 2018 – Traversing the dark time of change

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [12:23 am pst/ 1:23 am mst/ 2:23 am cst/ 3:23 am est] is a corner of some deep feeling, deep energies. We can be touching into grief or uncomfortable energies related to power. This square, as moon wanes, is a releasing of the places in ourselves that don’t feel empowered. We can be with these places of “not so powerful,” or needs not met, or lack or loss or anything that doesn’t quite feel powerful–can be with us today as it passes on through in this waning dark moon heading for eclipse on January 5.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [2:13 pm pst/ 3:13 pm mst/ 4:13 pm cst/ 5:13 pm est] brings the communicator in to communicate in the deep corner. May the communication be for healing and meditation. For uplifting and new possibilities in the death/rebirth kinda way that PLUTO and the eclipses bring it. Death and rebirth, death and rebirth. Let go and start fresh. let go and start fresh.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [2:53 pm pst/ 3:53 pm mst/ 4:53 pm cst/ 5:53 pm est] is a radical opening that comes from a place of “something has to change,” or energies that build up to a point of needing to shift. with Pluto and Uranus involved, larger energies contacting our personal moon, there may be volatility in the emotional body.

Its good to meditate on the deep emotions and things that bubble up because they will all be related to alchemical content that is otherwise blocking progress or blocking us from being clear or fluid channels of our divine connected intent. What surfaces during these eclipses and today during these outer planet moon contacts–is clearing. We need to be mature and sit with ourselves, to prepare for the ultimately “maturity aspect,” of SATURN CONJUNCT THE SUN coming on January 1. The NEW YEAR is marked by a big SUN SATURN aspect. That is a ‘reset’ on masculine energy, structure and “the establishment.” This year–its time to pour light into the places of structure and establishment–redoing them, rewriting, revisioning. May we allow the deep let gos to go at this time.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: woah! what a time. Its a little tight as time goes. For me. I’m not sure how you feel. There’s some celebration and good dancing that happened last night. but feeding the animals has been really hard and its very stressful working toward a better life for all. I feel the limitations everywhere and am doing my best to envision ways it all opens into solutions for all. I’m sad about how limited I am in my internet access–its really limiting my ability to give the gifts I’ve prepared. As soon as the tech opens I’ll provide dowload links–in the mean time I’ll e-mail pdf gifts! If you sent your e-mail I have it.

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