December 28, 2019 – Funny VOID middle of day- Active Healing Evening

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [8:27 am pst/ 9:27 am mst/ 10:27 am cst/ 11:27 am est] is a charged awakening this morning. We may wake up fiesty!

This aspect sends moon into a short 4 hour VOID : making it a funny day :it leaves this short Void as it enters Libra [12:29 pm pst/ 1:29 pm mst/ 2:29 pm cst/3:29 pm est]

VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO [1:31 pm pst/ 2:31 pm mst/ 3:31 pm cst/ 4:31 pm est] brings power in doing the things we truly love; being with the people we truly want to spend time with! It’s this celebration time! Celebration brings real rewards! May we celebrate death and rebirth of our time.

MARS CONJUNCT CHIRON [9:41 pm pst/ 10:41 pm mst/ 11:41 pm cst/ 12:41 am late night est] is a big aspect today. Good use of it is “active healing!” And healing of our and others’ inner male. It brings us to look at our inner masculine and how we may have hurt others or been hurt by others. Pain is an indicator to “pay attention” and allow a deeper wisdom learning and open requests to come. What is it saying? What does it want on a simple level? What is the anecdote? This is a digging deep kinda day!

Authors note: WiFi down across the nation yesterday. Free gifts from dec 26-Jan 4th are collecting in Santa’s star workshop waiting for the internet and tech wizards to get off snowy vacation!

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