December 20, 2018 – Entering Sacred Time

MOON enters Gemini (wings and flight), from the four legged earth [6:34 am pst/ 7:34 am mst/ 8:34 am cst/ 9:34 am est] just as we are lifting our frequencies toward a sacred doorway in our lives. This opening, we enter, at the threshold of the new solar year, is heralded by angels, wings, trump-ets, and the fan-fare of a new era, still talking its way into existence.

the SUN, entering its sacred temple of renewal, TRINES the master of ceremonies for the invisible world–URANUS. [8:22 am pst/ 9:22 am mst/ 10:22 am cst/ 11:22 am est] This magical link is like an elevator to our imaginal world. We are responsible for what we plant in the garden of our life, in this crossing. We enter the crossing of the year. The windows and door are open, the seed-bed is ready. Stars are shining toward the new era.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [9:41 pm pst/ 10:41 pm mst/ 11:41 pm cst/ 12:41 am late night est] is a peak in the experience of the mouth. This polarized place lights up with the power of our thoughts and words. They are at full power at this time. May we speak, write and imagine, that which is coming into being as the year unfurls anew.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [10:35 pm pst/ 11:35 pm mst/ 12:35 am cst/ 1:35 am est] is a charged manifestation power expanding our mind, there are far-reaching consequences to our thoughts in this window–may we be prayerful, honoring and the arrow of our dreams, aligned with words and intention.

The MOON is rising, in its most creative, social light, as the solar year wanes into the crossing time–one of the four sacred holy days of our SUN, the place where the light that grows us, comes from !  May you hold sacred space for yourself and those around you while we enter the sacred ritual days of our solar crossing.

. . . . .
A Gift for you:  a Free Mystery School. This is a refinement on the “women’s mastermind,” opening itself a little wider. You are invited, please invite your friends–its going to be an exciting year that is creating the new era as we go–the potentials are reaching into quantum areas.

FIRST Free Mystery School call is on WINTER SOLSTICE, Dec. 21 [9 am pst/ 10 am mst/ 11 am cst/ 12 noon est] call in: 712-775-7031, Code: 5933

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