December 17, 2018 – Death of the Old Year

MOON SQUARE PLUTO – [7:20 am pst / 8:20 am mst / 9:20 am cst / 10:20 am est] is a corner of catharsis; a death of the old year as the light becomes brightest at the darkest point: the turning of the solar year on Dec 22.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:27 pm pst/7:27 pm mst/ 8:27 am cst /9:27 am est] offers a link between the two lights, one waning and one waxing.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [11:21 pm pst/ 12:21 am mst / 1:21 pm cst/ 2:21 pm est] is a local zap wake up by the invisible world. There’s magic underfoot!

May the end of the year release all unwanted fear and cleanse all receptors. May all the darkened messages at the end; be held in the light of our increasing awareness of natural justice, wellbeing and reverence for all of life.

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