December 6, 2018 – NEW MOON late tonight, Changing Directions–Which Dimension?

At times we are aware of the linear and third dimensional nature of our reality, and on other days, like today, things occur that have us feeling more like Harry Potter, in his world, where whole cities can disappear and reappear, or keys might be grabbed by an elf in the wall, or a sock–even when you JUST saw it right by your toe a minute ago. Where did it go? nobody knows–into that place where “lost things” . . . . . to return, when? Perhaps in the next few days–lost things can be found, techy issues might find their way to balance. Things that “just wouldn’t work,” might just work. MERCURY CHANGING DIRECTION, to GO DIRECT may be so subtle that it goes un-noticed by most people, and yet, what happened to YOU today–that felt like you were witnessing other portals, chango-shifto-magical moments of “what just happened,?’ oh .  . . . .perhaps there is another dimension leaking through–or it was there all along?

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [6:31 am pst/ 7:31 am mst/ 8:31 am cst/ 9:31 am est] in a fire sign is quite quite expansive. It is perhaps a bright bright light, in a dark dark time. May the expansion in this contrast between the light light and the dark dark, be visible long enough to come into higher balance.

MERCURY–changing directions exact SHIFT POINT is [1:22 pm pst/ 2:22 pm mst/ 3:22 pm cst/ 4:22 pm est] This shift point is an alchemical point in a larger cycle related to our mind and maturing out mind to a higher place, through the processes before us this last three weeks, or month or two. We are being “matured,” like good grapes on a vine of God, as planets change directions, there are shifts in our growth.

MOON SQUARE MARS [8:11 pm pst/ 9:11 pm mst/ 10:11 pm cst/ 11:11 pm est] is a test of action. Home, inner will-power, inner desire, and self-recognition. This is a moment for active self-empathy: what can we do to actively reflect upon our journey over this last year? We are at the end of the barrel of the year, emptying it is a good action to take now, as it emptys itself.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [8:42 pm pst/ 9:42 pm mst/ 10:42 pm cst/ 11:42 pm est] Big waves are only fun when we are surfing on top of them, not when we are under them. This is a good time to be aware of our power over this difference, being over or under this wave.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON [11:20 pm pst/ 12:20 pm mst/ 1:20 pm cst/ 2:20 pm est]  NEW MOON!! This is a NEW MOON at the very end of this day–almost the next day. The real NEW MOON DAY, is tomorrow, as the fresh energy of the New Moon and Mercury DIrect are fresh in tomorrow’s morning.