December 5, 2018 – Big Surf Neptune, Contact with Mercury in Shifto Alchemy

Today MOON is conjunct MERCURY [1:53 pm pst/ 2:53 pm mst/ 3:53 pm cst/ 4:53 pm est] in the afternoon, in the deep water Scorpio. Retrograding, is like going back and cleaning, forgiving, letting go of things we attached to back then, and moving back through without attachment–that would be a good practice for this energy passage.

Mercury is about to go DIRECT, tomorrow in the afternoon at 1:22 pm pst. During this “slowing down,” time, it slows down to make the shift in direction. Tomorrow this direct motion, often has the alchemical hard to exactly pinpoint, but a feeling that we have been somehow “held up from really moving forward,” and all the sudden the invisible glove seemingly “holding on,” unwinds, lets go, and forward motion is restored after a long circular motion or backward movement. This is a linear way of saying it, or talking about it, truly its less linear and more alchemical than words can describe, however there is a shifting going on today and tomorrow and the next day that is a big shift in direction.

MOOON goes VOID at [1:53 pm pst/ 2:53 pm mst/ 3:53 pm cst/ 4:53 pm est] for some hours until the evening. This afternoon VOID on a hump day–is a great time for an afternoon walk in nature, or a jump into hot water in the middle of the day–like a hot-spring in the sunshine. (this would also meet health-fully with the NEPTUNE SQUARE SUN.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:22 pm pst/ 3:22 pm mst/ 4:22 pm cst/ 5:22 pm est] is the kind of work that is like surfing on a day where the waves are very big. The wave is very big and very real and we are surfing it. May your experience of surfing be sunny and warm, while you ride upon the cold water on something that is under your feet, moving in sync with you, while you cross the big wave, whatever that is for you!

MOON enters Sagittarius from the big wave VOID at [6:49 pm pst/ 7:49 pm mst/ 8:49 pm cst/ 9:49 pm est] this motion into fire from deep water is an elevation in spirit. It is like santa claus arriving inside of us this evening. HO Ho ho! May we all have presents for everyone like he does.

All traditions have beautiful rituals and passages during this time. For most of them, there are rites of letting go of our mistakes, asking for forgiveness, surveying our landscape for areas to forgive and ask for forgiveness. This is a time of “looking for holes,” and mending the web of our life. May our journey of mending be sweet. May the mercury alchemy and the big wave of neptune today be part of our beautiful experience in the living of our life. Existence in form is a miraculous thing. May our body suits be strong and vital–alive and prepared for the changes as they will keep coming.
. . . . . .

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