December 3, 2018 – Going deeper theme continues into healing places

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [10:16 am pst/ 11:16 am mst/ 12:16 pm cst/ 1:16 est] is a personal revolution just before going deeper. We are revolutionizing ourselves in this death rebirth time.

MOON enters deepwater Scorpio–joining Venus and Mercury in there. Scorpio can be deep and dark this time of year, like underneath the snow, the fertile alchemizing soil. Mercury and Venus add some light-hearted creative fun to this year’s underworld journey before the new year.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS in the depths [1:05 pm pst/ 2:05 pm mst/ 3:05 pm cst/ 4:05 pm est] is a sweet harmonic beauty moment in the depths of underworld travelling. Deep places can be very beautiful. Sadness can turn to deep beautiful heart, fear can turn to courage, and shame can turn to compassion. These cave time processes are transformations of the scorpio realm.

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [9:47 pm pst/ 10:47 pm mst/ 11:47 pm cst/ 12:47 am est] reminds us that communications can be healing. Seeing others from the past, returns of all kinds can be there to touch us in healing and beautiful ways, even in this cave time! Mercury Retrograde, linked with the alchemical healer is magical! Syncronicities abound!
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: I’m in Santa Fe, heading back to the rocky mountains soon to visit my mom–for the first time since the wolves entred. My mom did not like my “roll with the wolves,” or approve of it, so I haven’t seen her, and years later, maybe like with a lot of parents and kids when the kid does something outside of their range, eventually they realize, “its not a passing fad,” and they start to accept it as part of the story–and not like some thing that is wrong. In the time of planning the timing back and forth, I feel like I have my original mother back. (instead of the one that just thought I was wrong). I’m so happy about this! May we all have relational upgrades like this. ¬†Other than my actual travel day–I’m still doing readings. you can schedule at above link, or e-mail me:

Holiday gift special (a gift for you) readings special for $22 min donation: Readings are the way I serve YOU and community directly! I love to be here that way–with your treasure map! I’m also dreaming of real village life–more to come on this! To schedule a reading CLICK HERE

Wolf Pack– Everyone is at the “bottom of the year,” and we all feel it in different ways. In cleaning up this chapter and transitioning to a new chapter, and new year, we have relaunched our GoFundMe Campaign–its such a good system. We thought we might end that–but its one of the best systems–so we are keeping it! Renewed Campaign and Updates CLICK HERE