December 1, 2018 – going deeper

MERCURY is retrograding back into Scorpio today, into the deepest recesses that may need gifting, loving or clearing. [3:12 am pst/ 4:12 am mst/ 5:12 am cst/ 6:12 am est] this deep digging mental part of self has a shovel and access to the deepest smelliest oldest shit in our lives.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [6:34 am pst/ 7:34 am mst/ 8:34 am cst/ 9:34 am est] like in life, the smelliest, oldest, most yucchi looking or feeling stuff–can actually have real nourishment in it, like compost has for soil, after all our old dead food rots together for a few months, its really nourishing to the soil.

MOON enters Libra [6:49 am pst/ 7:49 am mst/ 8:49 am cst/ 9:49 am est] Just like compost, relationsips (sips and ships with others) sometimes need to sour over like compost, rotting together with their dysfunctions and moldy parts touching each other, until they become nourishing for community.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [3:56 pm pst/ 4:56 pm mst/ 5:56 pm cst/ 6:56 pm est] is an expansion. So after the moldy yucchi parts are together, melting together for awhile, they become “nutrient rich soil,” for something else to grow. The new seeds feel this nutritious soil as a soft rich home for their new life. This is an expansive state of reaching toward the new lit up pathways.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [8:44 pm pst/ 9:44 pm mst/ 10:44 pm cst/ 11:44 pm est] is a corner of home to worldly work.

This waning moon libra work is like composting. It is the end of the solar year and the end of this lunar cycle, coming down, into the dark pre-birth cauldron of the new year coming. May your dark quiet inner cauldron for the new year coming, be percolating, warm and nutritious.
. . . .
Author’s Note: 
I drove eight hours to attend this wolf meeting in Durango–woah I’m still recovering from all that time–I think i was awake most of the night to drive home. Its too much to go into here–as far as the content of the meeting–about re-releasing wolves into colorado or western united states as a possibility. I stopped to look for Magnolia in the area where I think she may be. I feel she is around, but does not want to leave her den forever, or make a big radical shift from her now nature home to our human car and life. I believe she wants us to move to that area so she can make a graceful transition between her den and our world–touching both. I believe that is what they all want, and what we want for them. To allow them to be a part of the natural fabric of life that is theirs, and to protect them inside of a perimeter fence, or in an area that is safe for them–caring for them and answering their questions, like : “why can’t we run around the whole area and look around? . . . . why do those people look at us and then chase us like that? . . . . why can’t we be in this forest ? . . . . . I want this for all animals, and especially for my intimate family of wolf creatures. . . . Its the end of the year. The new year of astrological cycles is percolating. The new year is a seedling in our belly. I will share with you as I have things ready. (no more making promises in advance on timing), as “sxxx happens.” especially with wolves around. But the Treasure Map is coming. Its been a long time coming.  This one has been emerging for a very long time, interrupted by the wolf pack, yet deepening, growing in the womb of treasure places. Stay tuned!

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