November 29, 2018 – Feminine Revolution – Last Quarter Square Moon

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [12:16 am pst/ 1:16 am mst/ 2:16 am cst/ 3:16 am est]  links two feminine forces in harmony–before we rise.

MOON TRINE URANUS [1:46 am pst/ 2:46 am mst/ 3:46 am cst/ 4:46 am est] Sending MOON into middle of the night void. The feminine in touch with the divine invisible forces of life, is powerful and with us today.

MOON enters VIrgo [3:08 am pst/ 4:08 am mst/ 5:08 am cst/ 6:08 am est] for taking care of all the details, and cleaning up, re-organizing, and digging even into deep dark closets to re-organize and clean, since Mercury, Virgo’s ruler is Retrograde for a little longer!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [6:42 am pst/ 7:42 am mst/ 8:42 am cst/ 9:42 am est] may be an organizational challenge to overcome. Virgo takes care of details this is a detail and communications work aspect.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [11:11 am pst/ 12:11 pm mst/ 1:11 pm cst/ 2:11 pm est] is work that expands. This may ask humans to step beyond our comfort zone–to stretch, and become wider. 

MOON TRINE SATURN [4:18 pm pst/ 5:18 pm mst/ 6:18 pm cst/ 7:18 pm est] is a grounding aspect for progress and working together on this 3-D earth reality.

SUN SQUARE MOON [4:19 pm pst 5:19 pm mst/ 6:19 pm cst/ 7:19 pm est] is the last quarter square in the lunar cycle, now moving us unwinding down to the dark last week of this lunar cycle, in the dark end of the solar cycle. We are into our hermits cave of completion, alchemy and healing.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [6:19 pm pst/ 7:19 pm mst/ 8:19 pm cst/ 9:19 pm est] is a charged aspect of action and potentially anger or engagement, dancing or climbing. There may be exertion in this aspect of one kind or another, or emotional activity to be with.

Tomorrow the Virgo Moon opposes the water giant for some overcoming of confusion or overwhelm, moving through fluids, emotions and the water things before us. Also tomorrow: URANUS OPPOSITE VENUS is another “feminine revolution” indicator.  May this revolution be of the heart, and toward softness, compassion and love.
. . . . .
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November 28, 2018 – Venus to Chiron with the Gentle Sun in Leo

The feminine within is healing, even if awkward, or sideways or unable to fully integrate, healing is taking place. VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON [4:03 am pst/ 5:03 am mst/ 6:03 am cst/ 7:03 est] is the main aspect today. It is the provoker of the feminine healing.

The sun is gentle at the very end of its solar year. Its winding down. The SUN in Leo is its home territory. Returning home in a gentle way. This can be a gentle healing day. We may not have expected gentle or healing, and that is possible.

Author’s Note: There is a wolf meeting all day tomorrow that I’ll be attending. Readings will be available, starting next week and possibly this weekend. Readings are by donation–in these times. The meeting on wolves is looking into and discussing the possibility of releasing wolves into Colorado and the Western United States. Our organization and mission takes a strong stand for the re-release, protection and allocated areas for wolf packs in the wild and in their natural state. We also shepherd one genetic line of wolf dogs that originates from a mother endangered Red Wolf. The animals we shepherd are some of the most stunning and beautiful wolf dogs we have ever seen and are worth protecting and holding space for. Here is our #GivingTuesday and end of the year newsletter: CLICK HERE  Please sign up to receive them if you would like to stay connected to the wolf project more intimately.

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November 27, 2018 – Communicating & Grounding the Current Expansion

This morning the MOON enters Leo right as we cross into #GivingTuesday. [12:35 am pst/ 1:35 am mst/ 2:35 am cst/ 3:35 est] #GivingTuesday is a good thing for our world coming. The “gifting culture,” an idea that Leo of the radiant heart can love–is coming more into our world.

In the MERCURY RETROGRADE three weeks of circular healing alchemy–this is an important day in the life of the retrograde. Today the SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY, having just left the EXPANDED CONTACT with JUPITER on Sunday, we’re still glowing in the light of this growing, evolving raise of vibrational integrity for each of us. Though we are at the very end of the solar year and the sun is heading down toward its close of cycle for the year, the JUPITER SUN CONJUNCTION can act almost like a little burst of springtime in the middle of winter!

Now with MERCURY CONJUNCT THE SUN, [1:15 am pst/ 2:15 am mst/ 3:15 am cst/ 4:15 am est] pre-dawn–the giddy joy of springtime is available too. There’s humor and connections with others that are our friends and loved ones from the past!

MOON TRINE JUPITER [7:41 am pst/ 8:41 am mst/ 9:41 am cst/ 10:41 am est] is a coming into closer contact with the expansion that we are still opening within us! We are lighting up, touching ancient and perhaps past connections with points of power or “magic,” as in things in our life that have allowed us to feel “there is something beyond the 3-D” . . . there is more to this universe than what appears to be in “mundane life.” We are expanding consciousness, and this aspect is bringing the expansions close home and personal.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [8:22 am pst/ 9:22 am mst/ 10:22 am cst/ 11:22 am est] more supportive linking with those we re-member from the past. This can be past lives, or this life–reconnecting with our joy and interconnectedness that can alchemize, heal and become more whole within us.

SUN TRINE MOON [9:39 am pst/ 10:39 am mst/ 11:39 am cst/ 12:39 am est] is a link with the original intent of humanity, of earth, of relationship with others. There is this romantic, mystical dance of love between masculine sun and feminine moon. The two are dancing in heaven, in joy, at relating. We are part of this dance for it lives inside–this joy of the dance of life.

MARS SEXTILE SATURN [1:31 pm pst/ 2:31 pm mst/ 3:31 pm cst/ 4:31 pm est] is a disciplined attempt to take right action in building the next phase, new world, new business, or new life that fits us better.

MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER [2:27 pm pst/ 3:27 pm mst/4:27 pm cst/ 5:27 pm est]  as it retrogrades back is activating the expansion taking place even more. We can communicate with our soul family, we can ask for help, we can offer our gifts, we can interconnect, we can rise above limitations, all becomes possible in community. The more we connect and interconnect, the more the web of life will give birth to its new world, through us.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: I had the honor of being on a radio show with Amanda Dowel recently on her pathways of light show, and we spoke about animals and their call for us to assist them at this time of species genocide and habitat degradation–they are afraid just like humans, of the changes taking place. They are asking for our assistance. The response was so big as this movement is a big part of the current human awakening, is awakening to “hear” the animals–our larger earth family. This animal work is coming into front and center as the animals are connected to our heart and soul work at this time, as a collective, I believe. Stay tuned. masterminds, special readings, treasure maps and animal communication shows coming!

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November 26, 2018 – Male Female Work in the end of the cycle

The JUPITER SUN CONJUNCTION is still bright today.
This expansion will take a few days to fully land, and be seen. Sometimes the largest of energy shifts, take days or weeks to be fully “seen,” or noticed. This ascended, expanded light is entering us and our world in these days. 

VENUS SQUARE MARS [12:06 am pdt/ 1:06 am mdt/ 2:06 am cdt/ 3:06 am edt] is a work aspect between the masculine and feminine. Square’s are points of transition and potentially work to move past differences in perspective.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [7:07 am pdt/ 8:07 am mdt/ 9:07 am cdt/ 10:07 am edt] Personal self facing rebirth, healing, transformation, transfiguration, and movement. There is often a “death and rebirth,” dynamic in Pluto contact, even small moon contacts.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [8:16 pm pdt/ 9:16 pm mdt/ 10:16 pm cdt/ 11:16 pm edt] intimate personal corner of growth, movement and inner/outer work. Today is a Monday of inner and outer work. 

MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:22 pm pdt/ 12:22 am late night mdt/ 1:22 am late night cdt/ 2:22 am late night edt] late night invisible prayer work, calming work, meditation work, or work during sleep. The electrical world is actively charged. There is edginess, and potentially fear to overcome.
. . . . .
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November 25, 2018 – Abundance Blessings, Overcoming Limitations, Expansion-Growing

Here we are in the end of the year “holy days season,” this time of cleansing, and ending the year, preparing for the new solar year. Today JUPITER is CONJUNCT the SUN which is a huge light and expansion, however, often these “increases in energy,” are big for our little human energy systems. Its good to take it easy, within as the energies are expanding through us, growing us into deeper, wider people, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. is not easy for all of us, especially on the multiple levels of consciousness on which this is happening.

MOON TRINE MARS [8:46 am pdt/ 9:46 am mdt/ 10:46 am cdt/ 11:46 am edt] is a personal activation to act and move early in the morning. The toes of our larger body of humanity are wiggling and we are amidst the wiggling.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [10:43 am pdt/ 11:43 am mdt/ 12:43 pm cdt/ 1:43 pm edt] is a personal facing of limitations. Obstacles in the physical world are overcome one tiny step at a time, one phone-call, one motion, one movement at a time. So the best way to face obstacles in the physical world is to look at the very next thing in the chain of events that must happen, just the very next movement, then the next, no more than that is needed in moments of overwhelm or a “tired stuck,” or the need to “rise up and overcome something.” It all happens a tiny bit at a time.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [9:25 pm pdt/ 10:25 pm mdt/ 11:25 pm cdt/ 12:25 pm edt] is a fluid support of “flow,” . . . as in “go with the flow,” and all will be well. This night has some sweet fluid gentle movements that carry us along, passing rocks and jumping over sticks along the way in the river of life.

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER [10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 am late night cdt/ 1:33 am late night edt] is the great expansion of today–its a bright aspect, however it happens at night, and its great at “lighting up the dark,” so we can see what is in there! Once the dark is all lit up, we can clean it up, then it becomes an expanded place to be, bright, and accessible, open and available to both divine and human. We are growing today–expanding our capacity to be, to be a part of, and to receive, and to give. We are little transmitters, giving and receiving, so today we can receive an upgrade. Sometimes the energy “upgrades,” are powerful and we may feel tired as a result. Its good to move slowly, nurture and keep taking next steps in whatever we are doing to grow ourselves and those around us.
. . . . .
author’s note: 
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