November 29, 2018 – Feminine Revolution – Last Quarter Square Moon

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [12:16 am pst/ 1:16 am mst/ 2:16 am cst/ 3:16 am est]  links two feminine forces in harmony–before we rise.

MOON TRINE URANUS [1:46 am pst/ 2:46 am mst/ 3:46 am cst/ 4:46 am est] Sending MOON into middle of the night void. The feminine in touch with the divine invisible forces of life, is powerful and with us today.

MOON enters VIrgo [3:08 am pst/ 4:08 am mst/ 5:08 am cst/ 6:08 am est] for taking care of all the details, and cleaning up, re-organizing, and digging even into deep dark closets to re-organize and clean, since Mercury, Virgo’s ruler is Retrograde for a little longer!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [6:42 am pst/ 7:42 am mst/ 8:42 am cst/ 9:42 am est] may be an organizational challenge to overcome. Virgo takes care of details this is a detail and communications work aspect.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [11:11 am pst/ 12:11 pm mst/ 1:11 pm cst/ 2:11 pm est] is work that expands. This may ask humans to step beyond our comfort zone–to stretch, and become wider. 

MOON TRINE SATURN [4:18 pm pst/ 5:18 pm mst/ 6:18 pm cst/ 7:18 pm est] is a grounding aspect for progress and working together on this 3-D earth reality.

SUN SQUARE MOON [4:19 pm pst 5:19 pm mst/ 6:19 pm cst/ 7:19 pm est] is the last quarter square in the lunar cycle, now moving us unwinding down to the dark last week of this lunar cycle, in the dark end of the solar cycle. We are into our hermits cave of completion, alchemy and healing.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [6:19 pm pst/ 7:19 pm mst/ 8:19 pm cst/ 9:19 pm est] is a charged aspect of action and potentially anger or engagement, dancing or climbing. There may be exertion in this aspect of one kind or another, or emotional activity to be with.

Tomorrow the Virgo Moon opposes the water giant for some overcoming of confusion or overwhelm, moving through fluids, emotions and the water things before us. Also tomorrow: URANUS OPPOSITE VENUS is another “feminine revolution” indicator.  May this revolution be of the heart, and toward softness, compassion and love.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: Readings will be available again over the weekend and next week. E-mail to schedule and begin.

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