November 24, 2018 – NEPTUNE STATIONARY DIRECT in beauty and electricity

The first aspect today is a beautiful one. The aspect isn’t until the evening, so we build toward this beauty all day. VENUS TRINES MOON [5:03 pm pdt/ 6:03 pm mdt/ 7:03 pm cdt/ 8:03 pm edt]. This is an aspect of sensual, colorful beauty and joy. The colors, lights, textures, touches, tastes and sights of this earth are intoxicating in the best way, when we let them all in, without the mind’s chatter of “critical thinking.” . . . when the mind will simply rest for a moment, looking out from that open place, there’s magnificent beauty. In this trine each of us is beautiful, radiating the light of creation, in moving color and light. We are Creator’s work of art.

NEPTUNE is STATIONARY today, moving to go Direct at [5:08 pm pdt/ 6:08 pm mdt/ 7:08 pm cdt/ 8:08 pm edt] This big water planet has been on a mission, going back, digging into our collective and personal illusive visions, assumptions, and inside pictures. Whatever deep rearranging work we were doing since JUNE 17th, when NEPTUNE went RETROGRADE, is coming to a completion. We are finishing up the circular alchemy of going back and redoing something.

With MERCURY still RETROGRADE through December 6th, there is alchemy with the interconnected places of our illusions and fantasies, spiritual practice and way of responding to the invisible forces of life.  Out of that, the way that we communicate with our world may be shifting. MERCURY is finishing up the circular alchemy going on, retro-day by retro-day.  Through its retro, and maybe a little after, It is making an alchemy that rearranges from a lower to a higher frequency.

In the spiral of life we are always going “up,” in vibration, evolving, and unfolding into our evolutionary journey. So the planetary aspects are “moving us,” into those higher realms each day. We can work WITH them, harnessing, surfing and living them to their fullest intent.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [9:31 pm pdt/ 10:31 pm mdt/ 11:31 pm cdt/ 12:31 pm edt] is a personal electrical charge. Whatever prayers, or intentions we may have–they are lit up by electrical charge in this aspect. This aspect adds electrical power to our prayers and vision all day.

This aspect sends the MOON into VOID, for an hour.

MOON enters mama Cancer [10:38 pm pst/ 11:38 pm mst/ 12:38 am late night cst/ 1:38 am late night edt] bringing in a soft, nourishing mothering energy, through us all and for us all. Bless us all in the arms of our great mother who loves, cherishes and feeds starlight and cookies. 

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