November 22, 2018 – FULL MOON in Gemini – Manifestation Portal of 11-22

This is another powerful “portal day,” of energy, and shifting.
LIke 11-11, this day is also alchemical, revealing a time of manifestation along with this FULL MOON of manifesting each lunar cycle at its peak. This is the peak of this dark of winter lunar cycle. The lunar energy is bright while the solar energy is low–heading for the darkest point of the solar year in a month.

SUN enters Sagittarius from Scorpio [1:01 am pdt/ 2:01 am mdt/ 3:01 am cdt/ 4:01 am edt]  lifting the energy from focused concentrated water to uplifted world-travelling fire.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [1:58 am pdt/ 2:58 am mdt/ 3:58 am cdt/ 4:58 am edt] is a friendly aspect with our own power. May we be receptive to this portal day–what divine energy or gift or power is being given?

MOON enters Gemini(sign of the FULL MOON coming) [8:10 pm pdt/ 9:10 pm mdt/ 10:10 pm cdt/ 11:10 pm edt] bringing in a lighter heart and warmer fire of family and community.

exact at [9:39 pm pdt/ 10:39 pm mdt/ 11:39 pm cdt/ 12:39 am late night edt]. This FULL MOON 11-22 magic portal day is a day to celebrate. Whatever is manifesting–is from the higher realms–there are gifts to be received, and human ingenuity to be shared.
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