November 21, 2018 – Grounding, Uncommon Breakthroughs and Flow of Life

This is an interesting time–in the lower end of the solar year, the energy now one month from the Winter Solstice. We are percolating all our “new solar seeds,” for the new solar year, at this time. Yet we face the more surface holiday season, as the solar season wanes and we come into hermit time, deep inner percolation on the new year coming.

At the same time, its almost FULL MOON! Its a peak of lighting up the dark, in the dark of the year. Its time to usher in the holy days, honoring divinity, lighting candles in the dark, and celebrating life, even as its cold out.

MOON is in grounded Taurus, looking toward a movement to Gemini before the moon becomes FULL at the upcoming GEMINI FULL MOON. This is the last day of SUN in Scorpio. Moon is in the opposite for a final moment of polarization and fullness in an old world, before leaping into fire and air, and the inspiration of the new world coming through us and manifesting now.

MOON TRINE SATURN [3:54 am pdt/ 4:54 am mdt/ 5:54 am cdt/ 6:54 am edt] is a grounding support. We are “getting grounded,” each in our own way. That means something different to each one.

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS [11:51 am pdt/ 12:51 pm mdt/ 1:51 pm cdt/ 2:51 pm edt] is a breakthrough energy in the waning solar end of the year. There’s uranian genius, vision and breakthrough aiming at odd angles with the old dying year, headed for resurrection at Winter Solstice.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:01 pm pdt/ 5:01 pm mdt/ 6:01 pm cdt/ 7:01 pm edt] offers twinkling flowing rivers of energy, through us, around us, and we ride them. Flow is the movement of life force through the world and through us and today we have flow. The lunar energy flows toward FULLNESS. There is alchemy afoot. Portals are open and our true inner magic will shine through and speak with us today. The veils are thin and the magnificence of what lies beyond the veils is shining through. May we flow with it–grace, beauty and life herself.

FULL MOON is tomorrow night in Sagittarius.¬†(Thurs night 11-22)–a magical thanksgiving–gratitude for what is manifesting–portal.

This is a peak, and a mystical opening. There is a grand cosmic transition and manifesting happening. Each one who reaches out to the edges of our world can feel this. It is profound what is available to us and the penetrating clarity we can have into our own divine truth at this time. May we bring our own divine truth here more fully as we cross this manifestation portal.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
Schedule Free readings here. Anyone who has ever donated any amount to the wolf project may have a free reading over the holy days passage. It is one of your free gifts for caring about the creatures we carry through time. Thank You, from all of us. Love and howls.