November 20, 2018 – BIG HEALING DAY – Heading toward the Full Moon!

Today is a BIG HEALING DAY with a link: SUN TRINE CHIRON [2:50 am pdt/ 3:50 am mdt/ 4:50 am cdt/ 5:50 am edt]. The light within us is healing us. As we shine our light, like a sun, it heals us in the shining.

MERCURY is retrograde now–through the holy days season–laughing. Re-member Mercury is a “light planet,” with wings, and not to be taken “too seriously.” as well when mercury circles, repeats and snafu’s happen, as they may, during this time–its often a reminder to take a deep breath, “let go,” look around and see how to lighten your heart and join with the “present moment,” of whatever is around you and realize the state of your mind. 

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [7:44 am pdt/ 8:44 am mdt/ 9:44 am cdt/ 10:44 am edt] is a fullness of feminine expression. Each woman has opposites, perceived challenges or those who challenge us, and those who support us. All of this adds to the fullness of feminine fruition. Oppositions can be polarized or charged.

[2:46 pm pdt/ 3:46 pm mdt/ 4:46 pm cdt/ 5:46 pm edt] adds even more “aliveness,” to our day, with uranian flair. Shocking colorful, electrical Uranus is intimate with each one today–its conjunct the “home planet,” the MOON which tunes into our personal feelings and intimate contact–its coming “through us!” Time for radical shifts in personal relationships. MOON goes VOID at this time. until it enters Taurus about an hour later. (its an hour long void in the afternoon).

MOON enters Taurus
[3:43 pm pdt/ 4:43 pm mdt/ 5:43 pm cdt/ 6:43 pm edt] and we ground from some of the chaos, as we wish, and as we intend.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [9:36 pm pdt/ 10:36 pm mdt/ 11:36 pm cdt/ 12:36 am late night edt] brings high energy to the night. Dancing awake or asleep, we are dancing. There’s moving going on.

. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: We did not find Magnolia (yet)–so I went through some mama grief this weekend around my children the wolf pack. I’m passing through a LOT of personal grief related to how people have been around the wolves and wolf pack lately on many levels. Its sad-making. Thank goodness there is divinity. Humanity is going through a hard time right now and we are hard on each other. However the divine is grace to all. So bless us all.

Readings are available again (we are back from our wolf search pilgrimmage)–so beautiful in that forest!  I’ll be sending out some free women’s mastermind group topics that we will join around in the coming times, and some gifts will be appearing for anyone who gave to the wolf project. Since our admin time is limited the gifts may arrive in waves.

Astrology Courses: I’ll be announcing over this season, the next year’s “way of teaching astrology.” I’m looking at how to make it perfect for the needs of all of us in these times.  It will be possible to take all of the courses for free. I’m working on a donation paradigm of teaching.

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