November 19, 2018 – Fire Movement, Expansion, Lifting Up of energy – Testing is Possible

MOON is in fire beginnings–Aries–TRINE MERCURY [8:26 am pdt/ 9:26 am mdt/ 10:26 am cdt/ 11:26 am edt] inviting our intelligence in circles. What do we need to restart? remember? What is important to redo? Is there an old project that its time to dig up and rejuvenate?

MARS SQUARE JUPITER [5:30 pm pdt/ 6:30 pm mdt/ 7:30 pm cdt/ 8:30 pm edt] offers a corner of action and growth. This is a stretch like a gymnast of soul.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [8:21 pm pdt/ 9:21 pm mdt/ 10:21 pm cdt/ 11:21 pm edt] is an intense challenge, test or hurdle of soulfulness. This might be a personal moment–touching something painful or real–when we reach through this pain to the spirit worlds is the work called for here. How can we see “through the veil,” more accurately?

This is a furthering time of mystery and power. May we surf it with reverence and respect for all the underpinnings of this world that we may or may not understand fully–worth our respect.