November 17, 2018 – Sweet Powerful Weekend

The MOON is still in sweet Pisces this Saturday morning. MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in this giant ocean of a home sign. pre-dawn. [12:07 am pdt/ 1:07 am mdt/ 2:07 am cdt/ 3:07 am edt]

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [11:10 am pdt/ 12:10 pm mdt/ 1:10 pm cdt/ 2:10 pm edt] is a power-link. We are finding wings, power, butterflies, death is not what it appears to be, and all kinds of other life and death wisdoms from beyond the veils.

This is a mysterious and powerful time. Not too many aspects today, however the MOON grows toward FULL on the 11-22 PORTAL, (next in line after 11-11-11 portal)–the 11-22 is a manifestation portal. It is an 8 numerologically. Call in your highest intent, and visualize as you would have it. This FULL MOON of manifestation is coming.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
We’ll be in the midst of the Magnolia search party this weekend, as well as working intently on the new location and the reclamation of Pack One. Please send prayers, and light vigil candles for our wolf tribe and ark, carrying them into the future, safely. Readings are delayed until Monday. CLICK HERE to Schedule a Reading for next week! 

Donations to assist us in building this ark for one part red wolf dog species and genetics is underway–we support you in saving wildlife as you support us in preserving this species. Donations today help feed pack one and search for lost little Magnolia: Thank You! DONATIONS HERE (any amount is helpful!)