November 14, 2018 – Community Day

Moon is in Aquarius, rising in light, almost at half moon–tomorrow–when we move to the LIGHT side and things seem to feel busier and more charged as we rise in lunar light.

The SUN is still waning, in its last quarter, heading for the darkest solar point of WINTER SOLSTICE. Right now we are at the “low energy end,” of the solar year. So if you don’t feel at the peak, that is because we are in the valley of the sun. (don’t take it personally and remember that summer comes, and we peak in light–sunlight that is).

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [10:25 am pdt/ 11:25 am mdt/ 12:25 pm cdt/ 1:25 pm edt] is a sweet support for preparation and communications–just before the changing planetary directions. Usually the three weeks before Mercury goes Retro (Friday)–there may be extra attention needed on cars and travel as it works out the retrograding kinks. This Mercury Sextile, comes just before the retrograde.

THIS IS A GOOD DAY TO TAKE CARE OF IMPORTANT THINGS, in preparation for the next three weeks of Mercury Retrograding, and potentially us having dropped into some deep work for that time. This work is usually circular in nature and reminds us that we may think sometimes this world is linear, but it truly is multi-dimensional and based in a timeline that finds its ultimate home in quantum places like “infinity,” returning back to linear. Sometimes while Mercury retrogrades, the “linear,” turns to “circular.” Perhaps we might enter the three weeks on Friday as a Caterpillar and come out butterfly three weeks later. Mercury may just be the maker of the cosmic “imaginal soup,” that houses the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

The next two days are quite wild–
CLICK HERE to check out Thursday, and HERE for Friday, when MERCURY GOES RETRO. and VENUS DIRECT!

. . . . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
There are some wild times coming! They may already be here–but they are also coming! We are preparing to dive back in to the work of recollecting pack one and going back to look again for Magnolia. (the lost little wolf). We would love to bring a team of hikers with us to look for magnolia and assist us with staying safe, grounded, warm and connected to the team while we look for her in a beautiful wilderness area. We will be howling with her Dad to attract her to us.
Readings: Unless you have already scheduled, Readings are delayed until Monday next week. CLICK HERE to SCHEDULE

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