November 9, 2018 – End of Solar Cycle–low solar energy–lunar cycle crescent rising, one week from pivotal alchemy

MOON is CONJUNCT MERCURY today [5:37 am pdt/ 6:37 pm mdt/ 7:37 pm cdt/ 8:37 pm edt] which focuses on a lot of changing forces at play.

MERCURY is ABOUT TO GO RETROGRADE (in a week–next Friday)–on the same day VENUS GOES DIRECT, (Friday November 16th). This is the “alchemy in a week.” Alchemical is something that is beyond what we can see “in detail,” but we may see “signs,” of changes,” or usherings from within on what is about to occur–the venus, mercury, heart-centered, heart-pro-active circular and mama-earth-effective-changes. We experience all of these energies from the “perspective of Earth.” So mama earth–is the center of the happenings of this way of seeing mythic energies and cycles of light. The “alchemy,” coming is earth alchemy–aided by Venus and Mercury. Lets be listening to our inner feminine and the circles of communications. Things from the past resurface to be healed and perhaps a new unseen thing revealed.

VENUS TRINE MARS [7:12 am pdt/ 8:12 am mdt/ 9:12 am cdt/ 10:12 am edt] is a link between masculine and feminine that brings in a celebratory weekend with our two halves. Male and female, masculine and feminine within and without are in support of each other. This is a great weekend ahead–its good to get with friends and loved ones and do something fun and celebratory. Its the dark time in the solar cycle and good to bring light to each other now–in the dark time–winter.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [12:41 pm pdt/ 1:41 pm mdt/ 2:41 pm cdt/ 3:41 pm edt] is a water and emotional square. It is the way we personally connect with things that are larger than us–big archetypes, or big collectives of people. Having just had “elections,” there’s “work,” involved in the fall-out or follow-up of recent happenings. (for all in their own way). Neptune is related to many things, including, often at this time of year–Losses, which are overcome by letting go of the past and listening for what is next.