November 8, 2018 – VOID morning, into Sweet Expanded Abundance-Problem-Lifting-Day!

MOON SQUARE MARS [2:42 am pdt/ 3:42 am mdt/ 4:42 am cdt/ 5:42 am edt] is a personal umph, action early in the morning. This square is the work we do that keeps our “self,” thriving and moving so that we are “in the flow of life,” appropriately. (that is unique for each of us).

JUPITER enters Sagittarius [4:38 am pdt/ 5:38 am mdt/ 6:38 am cdt/ 7:38 am edt] this sign shift, is just in time for the holidays–from expanding into our deep shadow clearing, and money issues, we now move into celebrating our diversity, the global family and our unique creative genius that comes together in groups of people. Together we are funnier, more collaborative, creative and full of joy.

MOON enters Sagittarius , departing the morning VOID. [10:59 am pdt/ 11:59 am mdt/ 12:59 pm cdt/ 1:59 pm edt] joining JUPITER there. Crescent Moon, the sliver of creative energy–even in the dark of the Solar Cycle, at the lower energy, heading toward Winter Solstice at the bottom and rebirth of light–Dec. 21.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [11:06 am pdt/ 12:06 pm mdt/ 1:06 pm cdt/ 2:06 pm edt] brings the expansion energy personal–touching personal places of expanded states of giving and receiving, awareness, creativity and joy!   This JUPITER entry into Sagittarius and this little conjunction are in sync with the spirit of “Thanksgiving,” –not the history, but the spirit that is carried by attention on gratefulness, and the abundance that comes when people come together.
. . . . .
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Author’s Note: I’m in a time of intensive catharsis, transforming a lot of heaviness, grief and shock from six years of one “wolf fire” after another. I’ve learned that the wolves and other predator species are literally “burning,” being genocided and endangered, and why–I lived through the fires that show the issues that are leading to our wild animals becoming extinct. From my research, I’m planning educational presentations, writings, and events. This new phase of wildlife work, is calling me to be more public, pro-active and educational, where I explain the truth of what is happening, and what I am doing, in ways people can see, hear and understand, instead of swallowing fire, feeling burned and calling to people from a state of desperation (in my recent past). I’m rising up, like so many people and “especially women in these times,” as according to prophecy, women rising is appropriate to bringing in a new era. In response to my own needs to connect with women who are rising up in their own unique ways, I’ve organized some women’s mastermind groups, both locally and on the phone. These groups are “leaderless,” but rather led by a “form,” –the mastermind form, which calls upon a higher power and the guiding wisdom of each woman in a circle of power, elevating each other, and co-created increased spiritual and practical skill building and outcome lifting! Some of the groups are free and some are paid with a lot of support, focus and longer commitment and results to be expected!

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