October 31, 2018 – Halloween and colorful life

MOON is in fixed fire Leo
shining with optimism, even as the MOON is in last quarter SQUARE today–heading us toward the last week of this lunar cycle–the dark waning week. Often during the dark, waning time, we have to face the loss of energy, the lowering of our own energy, feeling deeper, more tired and more in-need of meditation or restful spaces.

VENUS OPPOSITE URANUS brings drama and excitement! [1:45 am pdt/ 2:25 am mdt/ 3:25 am cdt/ 4:25 am edt] in the pre-dawn time. This is revolution to the quiet-well-behaved-part-of-self.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [2:36 am pdt/ 3:36 am mdt/ 4:36 am cdt/ 5:36 am edt] is radical, awkward and feeds the wild creative self with interesting things. Sometimes disasters or downfalls, things we might think of as “bad,” can actually be fuel for creativity and the authentic path.

SUN SQUARE MOON [9:40 am pdt/ 10:40 am mdt /11:40 am cdt /12:40 am edt] is the aspect that brings us into the last quarter of this lunar cycle. The rest of the week, through the New Moon on November 7th, is a lower energy time, of rest and introspection.

VENUS enters Libra, retrograding from Scorpio. This entrance may bring a lighter heart to us for the dark moon time. Since Venus retrogrades, there are some “returns,” some old friends and old connections surfacing and the redoing of old creative projects.
. . . . .
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