October 30, 2018 – Ease and Work

MOON is in Cancer still, now OPPOSITE PLUTO [12:53 am pdt/ 1:53 am mdt/ 2:53 am cdt/ 3:53 am edt] entering the day with transformative and potentially tricky energy to manage.  A power test.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [4:32 pm pdt/ 5:32 pm mdt/ 6:32 pm cdt/ 7:32 pm edt] is an aspect of abundance and grace. It is a water trine with the Jupiter Neptune water trine going on.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [7:31 pm pdt/ 8:31 pm mdt/ 9:31 pm cdt/ 10:31 pm edt] is a communications trine that offers comfort and ease. This is a good quality because there are still challenges going on. There is still work.

MOON goes void for only a few minutes in transitioning from Cancer to Leo today. Into Leo [7:42 pm pdt/ 8:42 pm mdt/ 9:42 pm cdt/ 10:42 pm edt]

MOON SQUARE URANUS [8:09 pm pdt/ 9:09 pm mdt/ 10:09 pm cdt/ 11:09 pm edt] is a shocking change in all of our lives–change change change. There is work here.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [8:21 pm pdt/ 9:21 pm mdt/ 10:21 pm cdt/ 11:21 pm edt] is a personal piece of work. We each have art, and affection, love and children within to attend to–this is a tending, working feminine moment.

MERCURY enters Sagittarius from Scorpio [9:38 pm pdt/ 10:38 pm mdt/ 11:38 pm cdt/ 12:38 pm edt] Communications go from deep deep water to light world-wide fire. This is our mouth, our mind and our hands. Shifting from what is deep and powerful, even scarry, to a light bouyant international heart led mouth. Heading into the holiday season, Sagittarius carries us into celebration nomatter what is happening!
. . . .

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Author’s Note: I’m staying at a farm that has no service right now with Blue Jesus. Blue accidentally bumped an electric fence and came running into my arms as I was about to come to town early to write this blog–I had to sit and hold him after that for about 30 minutes while he shook and calmed down in my arms from the electric shock. I love these creatures so much–they are so tender and sensitive and the human world is hard for them in many ways. Its such an interesting time of transition. We are heading to the new location and need donations for fencing! Thank you! Donate here