October 29, 2018 – talking to healing and speaking to expanded abundance

We are still on the light side of the lunar cycle; with light decreasing each day now. Both solar and lunar light lessens each day–lunar til the new moon on November 7th. Solar light decreases until winter solstice.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [12:32 am pdt/ 1:32 am mdt/ 2:32 am cdt/ 3:32 am edt] carries a fruition of responsibility for form. Saturn aspects carry contraction, solitude and form-making. They can be a little “cold” for the emotional body. There can be colder more depressed feelings during this early morning time and late last night.

MOON TRINE SUN [2:34 am pdt / 3:34 am mdt/ 4:34 am cdt/ 5:34 pm edt] is an echo of the original cosmic dance. There is joy, color, expression and allies!

MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER [4:05 am pdt/ 5:05 pm mdt/ 6:05 am cdt/ 7:05 am edt] is a kiss from larger forces. Lucky for us there are larger forces that look out for us. Showering us with abundance & light, expansion and good luck! ????

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [4:12 pm pdt/ 5:12 pm mdt/ 6:12 pm cdt/ 7:12 pm edt] is a personal contact with energies that flow, soothe, and bring organic movement.

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [6:57 pm /7:57 pm mdt/ 8:57 pm cdt/ 9:57 pm edt] is a way to contact the wounded self in need of healing – we can talk with it today!

May we take the time to do some deeper communications work. May we enjoy the supportive flow of universal love that underlies this life. Namaste! ????????

. . .

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Authors Note on wolf project: My Heart has had to be patient with the wolf project and that is not easy. Patience with humans, process, and the time things take. Donations are appreciated! We have a huge fundraising mission ahead to make this move and get everyone to safety! As we establish location for our own pack–if we have the funds for extra fencing–we can assist the high desert wolves about to be euthanized. If anyone would like to adopt a wolf dog–an old wolf sanctuary is dissolving. There are members up for adoption.

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