October 28, 2018 – Void moon day to Sweet evening

Today’s MOON VOID is a fertile void where ideas are mothered in the womb of life.

All Hallows’ time of year brings the remembrance of those who crossed many times before we did–in and out of this world.

MOON departs the VOID and enters Cancer: [4:27 pm pdt/5:27 pm mdt/ 6:27 pm cdt/7:27 pm edt] As the moon comes into mama cancer in the evening : we can honor the creative cycle of seed to womb, to nurture, to grow toward the light. Giving birth to new things is Cancer’s area. Mama holds sacred space for new life.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [5:03 pm pdt/ 6:03 pm mdt/ 7:03 pm cdt/ 8:03 pm edt] is an intimate link with the forces of magic. The “invisible world,” is filled with forces that love us. Angels, ancestors, grandmothers, the divine mother–so much love. May we remember–in the wildness of Uranian energy: the magnificent power of unconditional love and the way we are loved by forces we cannot see.

MOON TRINE VENUS [7:10 pm pdt/ 8:10 pm mdt/ 9:10 pm cdt/ 10:10 pm edt] elicits love. We are linked with loving forces beyond our small self–and we are love! Venus is retrograding-so this contact is alchemical in nature. There are the usherings of ancient women’s mystery schools echoing from the canyon walls of Mother Earth.

. . .

Authors Note:

The fall reading special is almost over; schedule here by October 31st to receive a reading for a min $22 donation. Best reading you’ve ever had! (You can schedule for after oct. 31st, as long as you do it by the 31st!) That is Wednesday!

Authors women and wolf work update: In this last transition; I grew tired of this kind of transition and I needed another focus of consciousness. I was exhausted of human unkindness, drama and the stuff that happens around the wolf pack–with humans. So I dove “head last, heart first,” into women’s work!! That focus gave me the strength to keep going–though pulling back on the the wolf project communications–especially with Facebook–to heal and reorganize.

We have our new direction now and will share news very soon in an organized way beyond Facebook pop corn! Due to so little time outside wolf care; we resorted to Facebook popcorn in the past and eventually it was not a good avenue for support!

. . .

The work that became my refuge and focus of my energy while waiting for a paper and money process with wolf pack one: is the women’s work. In readings and women’s mastermind groups there is light, warmth synergy, and the bones of the new world forming. I’m honored to feel part of this new world.

This has been the fertile ground that held me while dying and being reborn just now.

While feeling I could not go on with the wolf project without my heart breaking me from pain–I found resilience and spaciousness–inside, as I opened to many women’s stories and journey and my roll as map ๐Ÿ—บ reader. Magnificent!

In honor of the awesome women’s power I’m experiencing and the wild times; as well as today’s energies; I’m offering a spontaneous FREE women’s magical mastermind group THIS EVENING! There’s a window open ; it’s lit up by Uranus, Moon and Venus in magical harmony and it’s a good time to jump through the open closet door; something like Narnia is waiting. ๐ŸŒ

Here’s the conference line:


Pin: 325 645

. . .

I’ll be continuing to offer women’s mastermind groups: to join the email list of invitations; connect here: (Fill out email form at page bottom)

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