MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [1:46 am pdt/ 2:46 am mdt/ 3:46 am cdt/ 4:46 am edt] is a fruition of communications perhaps a long time-coming. Its a “Full Mercury,” better than a full monty.

SUN CONJUNCT VENUS [7:16 am pdt/ 8:16 am mdt/ 9:16 am cdt/ 10:16 am edt] reminds us that we have a beautiful effervescent, resourceful and loving side to ourselves and it would really love to express itself! This solar-venus conjunction is one of the “power aspects,” in the study of “Magi Astrology.” It is worth doing your authentic things today. They are empowered in this light.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [7:49 am pdt/ 8:49 am mdt/ 9:49 am cdt/ 10:49 am edt] is an intimate fruition. Home is expanding, blessed, and filled with beauty. We are in a beautiful place on earth. Beautiful abundant life is an eartly quality. May we ride this beauty (as we are a part of it) all the way home.

THIS ASPECT SENDS THE MOON INTO THE VOID until it enters GEMINI: [12:41 pm pdt/ 1:41 pm mdt/ 2:41 pm cdt/ 3:41 pm edt] This entry into Gemini–is a light hearted airy flight from a solid Taurian personal ground. This is a day to enjoy and drink from the essence of us.

This is one of those days to re-member how special this earth, creation and we are. Venus is retrograding–and today–past the brightest light we have in this solar system–our SUN. Lit up. We get to “see” the radiance that is here and re-member that we are beautiful, loved and loving. (venus in her gold roots).
May we each be golden in our own way. In our golden roots and growing toward the light. 

. . . .
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