October 25, 2018 – Empowered Actions

We are in the bright light side of this lunar cycle, in the peak, just past the full moon. MOON is in Taurus still, moving past the instability section, caused by Uranus’ presence in early Taurus–into the more solid area of Taurus.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [8:29 am pdt/ 9:29 am mdt/ 10:29 am cdt/ 11:29 am edt] is a nice water fluid connection. Going with the flow today works well.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:17 pm pdt/ 4:17 pm mdt/ 5:17 pm cdt/ 6:17 pm edt]  is a corner to move through. These corners are like little work signs–there’s work here. There’s actions to take. May we take right action in the face of challenges.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [5:15 pm pdt/ 6:15 mdt/ 7:15 cdt/ 8:15 edt] is an empowerment. The earth powers are gathering. Connecting across species, across borders and across long distances is good as we weave the interconnected world, bringing forth a new era of humanity on earth.

This is a powerful cycle for our “return to innocence.” Taurus has a sensory innocence that honors the human needs and desires that are simple and basic. We all need touch, good food and feet on the earth to be good humans. Too much computer time and too many EMF’s, or isolation, or lack of contact with dirt is not good for us! May we all contact the earth–even if its a little cool. May we walk, breathe fresh air and lie on the solid ground–gifted and blessed to be incarnate.

. . . . .
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