October 24, 2018 – FULL MOON lights up radical Shifting toward the New forms

VENUS SEXTILE SATURN [5:52 am pdt/ 6:52 am mdt/ 7:52 am cdt/ 8:52 am edt] offers loving stability in potentially chaotic or radical times.

MOON enters Taurus [7:33 am pdt/ 8:33 am mdt/ 9:33 am cdt/ 10:33 am edt] rising into FULL MOON after CONJUNCTING URANUS!

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [8:31 am pdt/ 9:31 am mdt/ 10:31 am cdt/ 11:31 am edt] is just the spark we need to light the fire of our own transformation. This fire is not third dimensional fire, but a higher brighter fire that brings freedom and new systems, breakthrough’s and revolutions everywhere they are most needed.

MOON OPPOSITE SUN (FULL MOON) in Taurus is at [9:45 am pdt/ 10:45 am mdt/ 11:45 am cdt/ 12:45 pm edt] is not our “average if there ever was one,” Taurus FULL MOON–why? because in our MOST SOLID EARTH sign, has entered our MOST VOLATILE CHANGE AGENT-planet URANUS !!

Uranian energy is extremely electrical, and touching often into the forces in the invisible world that are not always “as invisible,” as we think. This energy if, not “harnessed well,” can cause chaos, confusion, or anxiety. Its good to have practices that are spiritual in nature and assist with invisible forces at work all the time “behind the scenes!”

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [2:59 pm pdt/ 3:59 pm mdt/ 4:59 pm cdt/ 5:59 pm edt] is a fullness of feminine fruition. This is a time of expansion for the feminine. In her deep inner nature, her deep inner secrets, her core, her strengthening, her rising and her moonlight dreams–all empowered in this time. 

MOON TRINE SATURN [3:27 pm pdt/ 4:27 pm mdt/ 5:27 pm cdt/ 6:27 pm edt] is a link between feminine mothering, mother earth, and structure, form and genesis of creation. The divine feminine authority is underneath all things, including us. She is also within us–as a creator of new forms–especially now.

THIS IS a really special FULL MOON for its fruition in “a new world,” for new forms, and for deep transformations–that require extra energy to transform.
. . . . . . .

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