October 21, 2018 – Continuing the Sweet Weekend

MOON in Pisces–continues the sweet weekend.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO [2:32 am pdt/ 3:32 am mdt/ 4:32 am cdt/ 5:32 am edt] in the rising moonlight, heading toward FULL MOON soon and on the “light side,” of the energy of the lunar cycle–this is a powerful time of transformation and shifting of power structures and money structures for the better.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [4:47 pm pdt/ 5:47 pm mdt/ 6:47 cdt/ 7:47 edt] is a sweet expansion of abundance and awareness. May we all rise into this intelligence.

MOON goes VOID with this sweet JUPITER aspect. at [4:47 pm pdt] until entering Aries at 11:58 pm pdt/ 12:58 am Late Night mdt/ 1:58 am late night cdt/ 2:58 am late night edt]

There’s an abundance of life in the universe, life is in service to the divine, we are divine expressions of life and can trust the process.
. . . .
Author’s Note:  
Regarding the wolf project; There has just been an influx in signatures to our change.org petition. This is a big support for our effort (in process in the paper proces) of retreiving and regathering the pack together. We’ve crossed 1,000 signatures. If you’d like to join the fun, click here:

Donations to the wolf project are needed at this time. We are preparing a budget on a new platform to request support for the next phase in a new crowd-funding platform, more appropriate for this next phase. Stay Tuned. To donate to help feed pack two and contribute to legal fees and the next location–where the pack can re-unite, contribute here