October 19th, 2018 – Rising Moon, Rising Communications, Rising Miracle

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE [2:47 am pdt/ 3:47 am mdt/ 4:47 am cdt/ 5:47 am edt] is one of the defining aspects of today. These two planets–the imaginal, fluid, realm of NEPTUNE with the air-born, thought-made realm of Mercury. Linked, in a day–of imagining through the mind and mouth–our real dreams–dreams that we imagine–every day. Today we are the creators of life with our minds. May we think with God and with flow.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 am edt] How might one “think with God/the Creator?” That is the work. Jupiter corner with the moon asks for work in this area. Can we expand further into this area?

SUN TRINE MOON [5:27 am pdt/ 6:27 am mdt/ 7:27 am cdt/ 8:27 am edt] is another sweet sun-moon-dance. Can we help but think of . . . “what a marvelous night for a moon-dance, . . . ”

sends MOON into the VOID for a few hours, until [1:28 pm pdt/ 2:28 pm mdt/ 3:28 pm cdt/ 4:28 pm edt] This morning/afternoon VOID is between Aquarius and Pisces–a sweet elemental place where the spiritual realms of feeling water linked with thinking air, find flight and presence.

MERCURY SQUARE MARS [10:23 am pdt/ 11:23 am mdt / 12:23 am cdt/ 1:23 am edt] Redoing something important might be a good use of this energy. This void is good for re-doing or re-addressing something that matters to us. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. (as they say). Voids can be good for repeat attempts.

MOON enters Pisces, leaving the VOID [1:20 pm pdt].

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [2:47 pm pdt/ 3:47 pm mdt/ 4:47 pm cdt/ 5:47 pm edt] is like a home-run. (it can be).So its good to make sure you toss your ball in the air and take a bat–aim for a home run, pray for support from your allies, and see what happens. Our luck is good in the rising moonlight! This is a good time for initiative.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN  [9:26 pm pdt/ 10:26 pm mdt/ 11:26 pm cdt/ 12:26 pm edt] is like two steps forward. Sometimes we fall back, so its ok to leap ahead with support when the season provides.





May we rest or redo in the VOID and initiate with the care of nature later in the day. May the wild and wonderful energies through us today make the movements of the angels on earth. We can be their toes and fingers here.

. . . . .
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