October 18, 2018 – Community Activation

MOON is rising toward FULL now in the second quarter and light side of the moon map. This fullness is bright and lifts us and our creativity, and external expressive nature. Tis the season to be more expressive and external. This is a time to put out our messages and participate with others. With the rising cycle being in the realm of Taurus/Scorpio, its a powerful access that involves the healing of trauma, the re-organizing of power structures, and the re-rooting of true sources and connections to “power.” Power being money or survival or even friendship if thats what we find powerful.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY this early am–pre-dawn [2:10 am pdt/ 3:10 am mdt/ 4:10 am cdt/ 5:10 am edt] may have us tossing and turning in our minds, either in dreams or sleeplessness is possible with this kind of mental squaring. The mind is a place that “needs work,” for every one of us. For our mind needs discipline and tempering to be better masters of peace and community in our lives. This is a good time for prayer-work, chanting, or any other mental discipline.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [4:30 am pdt/ 5:30 am mdt/ 6:30 am cdt/ 7:30 am edt] offers an “activation,” of the MOON/MERCURY SQUARE, by adding fire, enthusiasm, newness, and a little power. Its time to temper the ego and take right action.

. . . . . . . . . .
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Here is some feedback from the readings: “helpful,” . . . . laughing there is revelation, . . . . “out of humility and courage over time comes a deeper understanding of how it all fits together. ”

Wolf Pack Update: The picture at the top reminds me of where I am right now–near this vast forest. I came here (to the Rocky Mountains), to provide a better home for the whole wolf pack we care for. We are moving toward that. I thank all of you who have been witness to our journey. It has been quite amazing with its twists, peaks, valleys and moments of beauty and peace. We thank you for your participation and connection. To stay connected–donate as little as $1 per month at Patreon.