October 17, 2018 – Revolution, and more Revolution–the work of changing

MOON enters Aquarius
[12:36 am mdt/ 1:36 am mdt/ 2:36 am cdt/ 3:36 am edt] the community, future, and energy (free in the future). The place where energy becomes free, is Aquarius. Its the New Saturn Leader.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:17 am pdt/ 3:17 am mdt/ 4:17 am cdt/ 5:17 am edt] is a corner of change–that requires work. Times change. Systems have to change too–too keep up with the changing energy and changing times. Its a systems revolution kinda day.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [4:44 pm pdt/ 5:44 pm mdt/ 6:44 am cdt/ 7:44 am edt] is a corner of creative work. With VENUS RETROGRADING, she’s going within. She’s called to inward, inward, inward work. She is called to listen to the within and unfold the within. The within knows what the work is.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [2:10 am late night pdt] late tonight–communications work. Tempering may be needed, the later we go into the night. Squares require work and discipline and with that they can be quite nice–when worked.

There’s more movement, and more change afoot. This whole cycle is a big giant revolution–due to the FULL MOON in Taurus–where URANUS the lightning change agent is living now. The revolution is under our feet. It is “in the earth.” May we walk with great listening, amidst the lightning rods.

. . . . .
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