October 16, 2018 – Opening to the VOID and its creative wonders

This day begins–with a PLUTO contact. The most definate power is life or death. Sometimes these contacts bring a death, to something that was headed there and this is its time. (Pluto is a portal for life n death of things)[1:54 am pdt/ 2:54 am mdt/ 3:54 am cdt/ 4:54 pm edt] A contact with the great power, the great unknown, the great feared one–yes afraid of power. We have woven fear with power, as I observe it, here in our human mind. So–often–since I see a lot of fear wound up with power–the fear comes up to be worked–at this time! The moon is super intimate, so it contacts us intimately each month this way, as the MOON crosses Capricorn.     . . . And it seems like humans have a lot of power issues to work out in general–so these are the moments–of working it out.

SUN SQUARE MOON [11:02 am pdt/ 12:02 pm mdt/ 1:02 am cdt/ 2:02 pm edt] is the square that crosses us to the light half of the lunar cycle and the rising light quarter, heading toward FULL MOON on October 24th–morning.

The FULL MOON will be in Taurus, opposite the Sign related to PLUTO of our Power: Scorpio.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [2:49 pm pdt/ 3:49 pm mdt/ 4:49 pm cdt/ 5:49 pm edt] is a small step or a large step toward our awakened self, our abundant, expanded, full of the galaxy self. We are the galaxy. We are that big, inside. As well as we are a tiny one of many billion speck on earth. This is one of those expanded moments of revelation–for wherever we are–the next revelation.

As we move through this revelation time, we head into a VOID, for the rest of the day [2:49 pm MDT], on.

THE VOID is a fertile place, where the creator lives, this one emanation of god-ness that is emanated in all of creation, even if only a spark. May our spark become bigger within, so big that it shines forth into the world as our unique spark of God-self. May the spark of life be expanding within you today! As it will! 

. . .

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