October 14, 2018 – Earth Trine with Healthy Revolution

This morning MOON is VOID between Sagittarius and Capricorn. Its a nice time of fire to earth inspiration–just before the grounded actions of manifestation–when MOON leaves this Sunday morning VOID, and grounds all its ideas into their mature literalized earthly expression.

MOON enters Capricorn [12:17 pm pdt/ 1:17 am mdt/ 2:17 am cdt/ 3:17 am edt] for a deep inner peace, feet on ground, tail in the deep water, with strong footing.

This Strong-Footed Capricorn MOON TRINES URANUS [2:07 pm pdt/ 3:07 pm mdt/ 4:07 pm cdt/ 5:07 pm edt] shakin’ things up in Taurus.  Earth with radical electrical charge running through it! Earth signs are all lit up with Uranian adventure, breakthrough and electricity!

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [7:40 pm pdt/ 8:40 pm mdt/ 9:40 pm cdt/ 10:40 pm edt] offers stability in a time of speeding time and chaos breakdowns. Saturn is our friend when we look for stability, boundaries, discipline or yogic practice.

SATURN in its home earth sign: TRINING URANUS in Taurus, by sign, this is a revolutionary kind of grounding of the new ways, new businesses, new systems, new everything on earth. All earth contacts will be feeling this revolutionary electrical quality. There’s shake up and wake up going on in the fixed earth sign of Taurus–which shakes up the most fixed earthly things we have.  May we become the electrically charged, inspired aligned with the change, bringing it forth. 

. . . . .

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