October 13, 2018 – The Original Love: the Sun and the Moon

MOON is still in Sagittarian Fire today. MOON SEXTILE MARS [12:06 am pdt/ 1:06 am mdt/ 2:06 am cdt/ 3:06 am edt] is the aspect bringing us into the morning. Its friendly and active.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [5:32 am pdt/ 6:32 am mdt/ 7:32 am cdt/ 8:32 am edt] is a corner of “unknown,” or working to be in the “flow.”

SUN SEXTILE MOON [5:58 pm pdt/ 6:58 pm mdt/ 7:58 am cdt/ 8:58 am edt] adds harmony and even joy in the evening–between the mother and father archetype. The two big lights are dancing, as in ancient stories passed down, it is said that the whole world is kept alive by the original love of the SUN and the MOON.

MOON enters the VOID after this SUN-MOON SEXTILE this evening. It will be VOID until tomorrow at [12:17 pm pst/ 1:17 pm mst/ 2:17 pm cst/ 3:17 pm est] when it enters earthly Capricorn. VOIDS are good rest and redo periods. Also (oddly)–a good times to “go back, to return things you didn’t mean to buy.”

Tomorrow has a new structure building day after the MOON goes out of the VOID. May it be a sweet sun moon kissing weekend. 
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