October 12, 2018 – Inspiration, Communications Gifts

Its time for a day of inspiration, after what we’ve been through this week! This Sagittarius firey day is a welcome uplift to a lot of grungy squares and oppositions to work through.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN [1:20 am pdt/ 2:20 am mdt/ 3:20 am cdt/ 4:20 am edt] invites healthy grounded communications. This is a gift today–after the more radical shocking and potentially stress-invoking aspects of the earlier part of the week. This aspect offers grace, in the 3-D, through healthy focused clear communications.

MOON enters Sagittarius today from Scorpio. [2:53 am pdt/ 3:53 pm mdt/ 4:53 am cdt/ 5:53 am edt] From addressing our issues with power, to now enjoying ourselves after deep work earlier in the week. Sagittarius is a happy spirit and wants us all to appreciate that we are one of a diverse eclectic world of people. A brilliant global family!

there are no more aspects the rest of the day. Over the weekend–there’s an influence of “the unkown,” however nice and harmonious supportive aspects all weekend! Enjoy! May we trust our earthen journey through the “unknown!”

May we see how our mouth can make graceful changes in our lives, for the better.