October 9, 2018 – Awakening Shock, Radical Communications, VOID Moon all day

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [1:50 am pdt/ 2:50 am mdt/ 3:50 am cdt/ 4:50 am edt] is an uncomfortable moving, working, transforming aspect. MOON is a sliver of new, now gently rising in energy, Square’s Pluto, to challenge us to work in a powerful way. Time to actively step up. (though this aspect sends MOON into the VOID for most of the day)–til [9:09 pm pdt]

MERCURY INCONJUNCT CHIRON [8:21 am pdt/ 9:21 am mdt/ 10:21 am cdt/ 11:21 am edt] is communications that are deep, soulful, meaningful, and stretch our heart–yes pain. Pain is a sign that we care deeply, that there is something that matters. Inconjunctions are awkward. Awkwardness is part of their nature. MERCURY (communications) with our DEEPEST PLACE of triggering wounding pain (Chiron)–is insightful as to what our authentic reason is for being here.

MERCURY enters SCORPIO [5:40 pm pdt/ 6:40 pm mdt/ 7:40 pm cdt/ 8:40 pm edt] deepening us to levels that can speak of our roots, the dark places, and how to transform them.

MOON joins MERCURY in the powerful place of meeting. [9:36 pm pdt/ 10:36 pm mdt/ 11:36 pm cdt/ 12:36 pm edt]

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY [9:36 pm pdt/ 10:36 pm mdt/ 11:36 pm cdt/ 12:36 pm edt] is a small innocent voice within us–speaking. It is very quiet and very powerful. We must listen.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [11:05 pm pdt/ 12:05 pm mdt/ 1:05 pm cdt/ 2:05 pm edt] The truth might shock us. Or we might tell the truth and shock others.  Its that kind of moment. Its time to rise to occasions take heads out of sand and look directly at our issues, to break free, radically, truthfully and fully. (Scorpio and Taurus) are related to money, possessions, power and fixed positions that face each other. With Uranus in the mix, it will break through.

MARS is SQUARE VENUS (as she retrogrades back), TOMORROW: for radical corners of decision, action and expression. We are needing to meet, embody and move into new energies. We are the vehicles through which new energy manifests into a new world. There is tension in this transition. Men and women both may feel this tension in different ways. This can also manifest as awkward “work,” for the masculine and feminine in partnership. This related to power, money, revolution and the future.

And the angels said to me, remember . . . 
. . . then she placed the world in the palm of my hand.

May we remember our place in the larger story.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note:
Thank you to everyone for being on this journey. It is incredible and mysterious, powerful and heart expanding wisdom.

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We are in a very critical place in our wolf work, more transition and a re-unification of two parts of the pack into one place. (a bigger place for all). Donations of all kinds appreciated.
We will follow up with private information.

Thank you so much for your powerful companionship along this journey of awakening into human responsibility for all of life & restoring it back to balance.