October 6, 2018 – Dark Moon – Cleansing & Re-Organizing Weekend

MOON is in its waning crescent phase, in Virgo. Both of these two things provide a “cleansing space,” for us.

Cleaning up perception:
zodiacal Wheel teaching interlude:
(What is it? is it from fixed stars? – No!)

Re-membering that this “zodiacal wheel,” in THIS blog, is less about the fixed stars or the ‘signs’ that might be ‘perceived from earth,’ externally, and more about the projected wheel that is seasonal based and related to the seasons of our SUN.

This means that 1 degree Libra, and the (for this blog: midpoint and peak of Fall–the Equinox–determines the beginning of Libra)–not necessarily a boundary in the constellations or fixed stars. This is why adding another “constellation,” to the zodiacal wheel, [ie: “ophiucus” or any of the other hundreds of galactic impressions or layers of constellations]–does not work.

Libra is the ultimate balancer, and begins when there is equal night and equal day. (not because we “hit” supposed libra in an external sky–though there is some correlation in our particular system–this zodiacal wheel is a wheel of creation and of balance, of growth and evolution and lives throughout the galaxies and universe, repeating itself, so it is not limited to our “local planetary system,” but rather a larger, more evolved growth container, that exists for many souls all over the known and unknown universe. So take into perspective that the “archetypal nature,” of “Libra,” on this wheel,” is more related to the seasons, and the balance of real light and real dark, in our world, perceptually and in astronomical observation–than it is related to stars in the night sky–though those are beautiful, light, and matter.

They appear to be a “reflection,” of this living wheel of creation, and a map able to be seen by us, of our soul and personal growth experience through cycles or evolutionary steps.

MOON in Virgo SEXTILE VENUS in Scorpio.
(now at 10 degrees) RETROGRADING, having stationed (held still for a moment–yesterday–at the shift point)–now–is now Retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio. We are re-affirming and re-learning feminine power. Retrograding, venus goes within–without effort–the path leads inward now–on one layer–the venus layer. 

The fixed signs {Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius:} are getting transformed in mysterious and creative ways. These “planetary patterns,” reveal movements that happen outside as well as inside us. “Cooked, in the middle of the two,” we transform like wet batter into firm pancakes able to be enjoyed by others–soft enough and hard enough and no-longer too gooey.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [4:04 pm pdt/ 5:04 pm mdt/ 6:04 pm cdt/ 7:04 pm edt] Virgo, opposite Pisces, is an inherent opposition in the wheel of life, always there in life. Like the ocean and the little boat. We are both and both are within us. Are we in tune with the ocean or the boat, making waves, or tossed by them?

MOON TRINE PLUTO [Virgo to Capricorn] [11:27 pm pdt/ 12:27 am mdt/ 1:27 am late night cdt/ 2:17 am edt] is a powerful forward motion, in a cleansing, waning moon, releasing conflict, strife or struggle, there can be graceful release, and transformation, as we allow it in this closing cycle. This Earth Trine brings us earthly grace and power to manifest our soul’s focus–exact late tonight.

Sunday : Moon is Void most of the day at cycle end. Monday Evening: is a New Moon in the partnership re-balancer: Libra.

May we let go at the end of this cycle. Realizing and accepting the speeding up of time: relaxing into the fabric that holds us. We can go down into inner darkness: rest. Extra sleep. Meditation, journaling. Deep Blessings in the Dark Moon waning last bits.

Authors Note:  welcome to anyone new to this blog. It has been a great lover. For a time of being in a busy wolf b n b phase to this new “return to the pure and original sources of all the work phase.” It’s been a truly wild journey lately.

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