October 3, 2018 – Void Morning Radical Afternoon

MOON TRINE JUPITER – early this morning [1:33 am pdt/2:33 am mdt/ 3:33 am cdt/ 4:33 pm edt] is an abundant Water Trine in a Gran Water TRine in the crossing between yesterday and today! This brings money love ! Sending the MOON into a friendly void between cancer and Leo.

MOON enters Leo the Lion sign at [2:12 pm pdt/ 3:12 pm mdt/ 4:12 pm cdt/ 5:12 pm edt] bringing courage and radiance on a gentle waning moon cycle.

MOON SQUARE URANUS – [4:29 pm pdt/ 5:29 pm mdt/ 6:29 pm cdt/ 7:29 pm edt] Fixed Fire to Fixed Earth: we are talkin’ bout a revolution!

May the life inside today, break open the limitations on our experience here. Bring in the beauty, the wisdom, the creative invention. Bring the true, the real and the tender hearted. Bring the uncovering of angels, and the blowing of trumpets. Bring our authenticity and our songs. May today break open the veils of grey, bringing forth color in all of us. 

Author’s Note: 
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