October 1, 2018 – Blessed New Month – Fresh Alive

If there is “something fresh new and alive,” that you cannot quite put your “finger on,” in all this changing energy, . . . even in a waning moon, though still in the bright half. –Its PLUTO having gone DIRECT. Now moving forward, this outer planet governing a kind of penetrating power that is just real, just is. It is under every deep focus and deep attachment or meaning we have. The retrograde motion, “just before going direct,” can be like a conglomerate of “strange related happenings,” because the power is active, and changes are underway. Now Direct, there is a literal feeling of “direct motion,” emerging from the “build up,” just before now.

This new forward motion can impact many areas, however the common thread is the feeling of importance, power, gratitude, faith, soulfulness, and the fulfillment of a “clinging fire.” There is a depth to pluto’s areas–it is felt in deep places–Expressions of Pure Power.

MOON is VOID in the early morning–entering Cancer [11 am pdt/ 12 noon mdt/ 1 pm cdt/ 2pm edt] departing the void for mothering actions in alignment with the seasonal wheel. 

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [1:29 pm pdt/ 2:29 pm mdt/ 3:29 pm cdt/ 4:29 pm edt] is a lively feeling that accentuates the powerful “forward motion,” of PLUTO DIRECT. This “spark-like,” aspect adds to the “newness,” or invention, even during a waning moon.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [4:18 pm pdt/ 5:18 pm mdt/ 6:18 pm cdt/ 7:18 pm edt] offers a “fullness,” a peak in form creation. Its time to honor our own re-development into the third dimension in the higher frequencies that we’ve changed into, over the last few years since the 2012 infusion and shift, crossing.

May this interesting renovation, renewal and forward motion in the deep realms of our personal power, be gently felt. May we feel empowered in the new fresh energy of today. Bless all.

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Author’s Note:
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Thank you to all of you who have followed the wolf project over time
, at the bottom of this blog. We were so busy feeding and caring for wolves that I had no time to build websites! So we just kept on going here. I am overflowing with gratitude for the whole journey, all the support, and even the down time I’m experiencing on some level, with the shifts and changes. I will be re-uniting the pack soon, so am preparing for that. We appreciate all of your continued support and are now re-directing all wolf stories and news to the Patreon site: www.Patreon.com/WolfPackSanctuary and our 
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Stay Tuned for updates in both places as we’ve just started to “come alive” in our work in this way, with the Pluto Direct motion.