September 27, 2018 – Renegade Earth Sign

Dear Taurus
how does it feel with URANUS in your space? Do you feel more volatile than ever as an earth sign? And do your hooves and seedlings, deep under-soil, feel like dancing? And perhaps the sky is speaking like never before, touching you, in immediate and vast ways?

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS (in Taurus) [3:11 am pdt/ 4:11 am mdt/ 5:11 am cdt/ 6:11 am edt] is an intimate connection with URANUS in Taurus now, the most electical wizardess planet in the most stable earth sign. Fixed Earth. This is a radical time of change.For that which is most solid is becoming volatile–solid earth–dancing. This is a time of quantum physics, revealing the “empty space,” inside of matter, as well as the volatile energetic quality of it–so what makes us stable anyway?

Radical awakenings, internal revelations, and earthquakes are all possible in this energy.
Uranus will be in Taurus until April, 2026. It takes 7-8 years to go through a sign. So we will be dancing in form, shakin’ it up, for some years ahead, we are just beginning this radical earth-shake-up-journey. Uranus just entered Taurus in May of this year–from its long wake-up-leadership trek through Aries (western wheel seasonal based zodiac).

MOON TRINE SATURN [5:35 am pdt/ 6:35 am mdt/ 7:35 am cdt/ 8:35 am edt] is an aiding aspect to the Uranus in Stable Earth-shake-up! It is stabilizing. 
MOON SQUARE MARS [8:50 am pdt/ 9:50 am mdt/ 10:50 am cdt/ 11:50 am edt] brings more good work. Right actions are called for, on behalf of our children, our mothers and our innermost self. (all the tender places) need action today.

SUN TRINE MARS [4:34 pm pdt/ 5:34 pm mdt/6:34 pm cdt/ 7:34 pm edt] reveals a link between the external masculine center and the will, or motivation, ultimate intention, and power of the heart’s most authentic longings. True longings of the heart are like forces of nature, like wind, or rain, they draw seeds into flower. Life mates under these circumstances.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [6:02 pm pdt; 7:02 pm mdt/ 8:02 pm cdt/ 9:02 pm edt] This is a Taurian Revolution. Uranus in the sign, Opposition with the Ruling Planet. Its a Love Revolution! 
With all that we have going in these days are time of the heart’s manifestation. Our divine lover might just be the fabric of life and all those who touch our hearts within it. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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