September 26, 2018 – VOID MOON – TransformaSquare

MOON SQUARE PLUTO today is the only aspect. this MOON is quite FULL, now waning. The SQUARE to Aries sends the MOON into the VOID. This day is a piece of inner work. Our power is calling to be claimed, oriented and grounded. We are called to strengthen our core, become clear and gather our clear intentions. This is our POWER time. . . . . MOON is VOID the rest of the day after this tension/power-inner-work-influencing outer things–WORK.

MOON enters Taurus and leaves the VOID, this evening after midnight. [12:15 am pdt/ 1:15 am mdt/ 2:15 am late night edt/ 3:15 am pdt] Inner Movement, deep and vast change–these are things that are mysterious. Going after what we know is right, true or “ours,” . . to do. . . is up and a good thing now.

. . . .
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look for the wolf face.